How Are You Coping With Dental Pain?

Dental pain is one of the most unbearable pains a human can experience. A friend of mine once said that “the only pain that surpasses toothache is pain in your ears”. I have unfortunately experienced both and believe me, he was right.

There are so many people who just dread the idea of going to the dentist. Why? Well, I can tell you that the pain is one of the biggest reasons. People are so terrified of the pain that they keep putting off their dental appointments until the situation gets worse. When they have no other choice, that is when they go to see a dentist. According to science journals and dental researches, dental pain is one of the reasons people develop dentophobia.

Dentists always make sure you experience the least pain whenever there is any kind of intervention performed on your teeth. There are various ways by which the pain can be alleviated. The two most common are local anesthesia and IV sedation. With these two methods, you won’t feel any pain at all unless they are not done well which is very unlikely. We will talk a little bit more about them later on in this article.

When it comes to seeing a dentist, a lot of people go through various psychological conditions. For instance, people know that in both local anesthesia and IV sedation, there is a need for shots (injections). That thought will get a lot of them freaking out and as such aggravate the already bad situation and increase the pain even more. Oh yes, there are people who are scared of shots as well.

The numbing shots are very effective and one or two applications are just enough. They work fast too. For those who are already in pain before coming to see a dentist (most people are in this category. Remember we talked about delayed visits to a dentist!), the shots will make the pain you have been feeling fade away very fast. Therefore you should put your mind at rest.

Now there are people who are scared to take shots. They will not take it irrespective of the level of dental pain they might be in. In such cases, the best option would be using the “Laughing Gas”. You may have come across the name “Nitrous Oxide”. That is the scientific name for laughing gas. I don’t really know why it is called the laughing gas because it doesn’t really make you laugh in the real sense of it. Yes, this gas is very much used in dentistry.

The other option is the earlier mentioned IV sedation. IV stands for “Intravenous” or “Intra Venous”. Other names for this are “twilight dentistry” or “sleep dentistry”. IV sedation is different from the general anesthesia used in surgical procedures. Here, you are conscious of your surroundings and what is going on but you are in a very high relaxed state. It is more like you are not asleep and you are not awake either. In most cases, IV sedation is preferred by people who go through the process of removing their wisdom teeth.

Whatever your choice, whether you have chosen IV sedation or the laughing gas option, the dentist has to administer them before he can proceed with any other process. The effects are fast and you will not feel any pain at all. You will be aware of what the dentists are doing but your senses are numb. You just relax.

The pain you might experience when the dentist is repairing or taking out your teeth is not as bad as the pain you experience if you don’t go in time and the matter becomes worse. That type of toothache is almost close to unbearable. The saying that prevention is better than cure cannot be more accurate than in medical science. Therefore, make sure you keep your teeth healthy by maintaining a very good dental health and dental hygiene.

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