What Natural Remedies For Toothaches Are Available

Natural remedies for toothaches are everywhere around you. You certainly may not be aware of them until somebody tells you. You are therefore going to be introduced to such natural things that can help relieve the pain that your teeth can cause you.

No matter how we take care of our teeth, yet there is the possibility to experience toothaches at one time or the other during one’s lifetime. The mouth is full of various bacteria. If only we can see them by the naked eyes, we would be greatly appalled at what we see. There are gazillions of them. So, you see that no matter how seriously you maintain your dental hygiene, you are still likely to have tooth aches.

Natural Toothache Remedies For The Uninsured

Toothaches can be so severe that they can disrupt your entire day to day activities. If you have been experiencing toothache that just would not go away after a couple of days, then it is time to hurry and see your dentist. Now, if you live in America, you may want to pay more attention to this.

America is still struggling with its dental and health care system while other developed countries have already gone far ahead. The cost of dental insurance can be very unaffordable for many and as such they remain uninsured.

Now what would do if you had toothaches for days and you don’t have a dental insurance coverage? That is where and when you can count on natural remedies for toothaches to come to your aid.

These Natural Remedies For Toothaches Can Give You Relief

Below are the lists of some of the proven to work natural remedies for helping you with toothache relief. As you will see, they are all around you without you knowing. There are other natural remedies but due to space limitations, we are going to explore the following ones.


I never knew this before until I myself was looking for something to relieve the pain I was having when one of my teeth decided to give me problems. That was when I learned that Onions can work wonders when toothaches are concerned.

I love onions; I use lots of onions when I cook. In fact I will not cook anything if I had no onions. That is just the way it is with me. Now can you imagine me reading an article on the internet that says that onions can relieve dental pain? Amazing.

You see, onions are very medicinal in many aspects but it is their anti-bacterial properties that are of interest to us right now. You can do a little research into other medicinal uses of onions or you can follow my blog and maybe someday, I will write something on that topic.

Use Onions To Ease Tooth Pain

onions as natural remedies for toothaches
The procedure is very simple. Cut a slice or a chunk of onions and put it on the tooth that is causing you trouble. You can just bite a little bit on it but making sure you do not bite everything off. Let it be as such and wait. That is it. The effect of this can be seen in minutes. Not hours, not days but minutes. That is to say that within minutes, you can see relief by using onions to help you with dental pain.

Another thing which you probably do not know is that when you eat raw onions on a daily basis, aside from gaining certain medicinal benefits, you are also protecting your teeth. Raw onions can kill germs and bacteria in your mouth and in the teeth cavities. Yes, teeth cavities are where bacteria reside most because cavities are hard to clean during your regular tooth brushing.


i don't like garlic
Blaaaaaaaaa. I hate this stuff. In as much as I love onions, so much I hate garlic. I know garlic has so many medicinal properties but not withstanding, I hate it. Period. I hate garlic so much that I once broke up with my girl friend simply because she ate garlic before coming to our date. That is a story that does not belong here. I might write something about it on some websites that deal with how relationships are broken.

Oh yes, I forgot why I am writing this. Garlic probably has the ability to relieve you of dental pain the longest and that relief can even be permanent. When compared with other natural remedies for toothaches, garlic has the longest acting relief and has the highest possibility that the relief will be permanent.

The procedure is the same as with onions. Place the garlic on the “offending tooth”. Within minutes you will notice relief that can go away permanently. Garlic is also known as a natural antibiotic. Even though garlic has many medicinal characteristics, I don’t think I can be convinced to eat it because of the smell. I hate that smell.


peppers acting as natural remedies for toothaches.
Now we are entering into more friendly waters. Garlic my ass. Since pepper can be found in almost every home, not almost but in every home, some people like to call it home remedy rather than natural. I say, why then not call it natural home remedy?

Peppers can help you to get relief from toothaches. The way they are used is a little different from the ways onions and the disgusting garlic is used. Peppers are good for cavities. Place a pinch of pepper on the tooth that is causing the ache. Some people who have tried it also recommend adding salt in the ratio of 1 to 4 to the pepper.

While this method is mostly used to get relief from cavity pains, it is also a powerful remedy against gum diseases and bad breath.

Preventive Measures Against Toothache

All said and done. Natural remedies or no natural remedies, home or no home remedies for toothache, yet the best is keeping them from occurring in the first place. That thing has been ringing in my brain ever since I started blogging about health. Prevention is always better than cure.

You can save yourself from the task of looking for remedies when you can prevent the aches from occurring. There are many ways you can prevent toothaches from becoming your major problem.

Regular Dental Checkups

By going to your dentist regularly, you will forestall possible problems if your dentist is good. By checking the state of your dental structure, your dentist (if he/she is good) can detect potential areas of trouble and offer advice on how to avoid them.

Avoid High Sugar Foods And Drinks

Sugary foods and beverages are not good for your health but unfortunately, a lot of Americans are hooked onto them. The more proof of Americans being one of the most obese countries in the world. Sugary foods such as candies and sodas can trigger off the creation of cavities. If you use any of these, then the best thing to do is to immediately brush your teeth after consumption of the candies and sodas.

High Vitamin C and Calcium Stuff

Food stuff and/or drink stuff that are high in calcium and vitamin C content have the capability to prevent the development of dental problems such as cavities and loose teeth as well as the various gum diseases that have been tormenting people.

Lime and lemon are good sources of vitamin C and calcium; dairy products are rich in calcium. This is telling you that you should have these items on your regular nutritional daily intake. They will not only help to avoid dental complications, but they can help you maintain a healthy state of your bodily functions as well.

And The Final Advice

We have seen and explored the various methods by which we can reduce the pains of toothache; we have talked about the remedies that can help relieve dental pains whether temporarily or permanently. We have talked about how each method is implemented.

Of all those methods, none of them is better than preventive measures. Prevent rather than cure. That is the simplest and the best remedy for toothaches.